Funnel Cakes: Best Meals Truthful

2) Springage – Press on the top of your cake slightly with a finger. If the cake immediately recoils, it’s done. If a fingerprint indentation is left, you’ll need more time in the oven.

You can get a list of the equipment needed for cake decorating before you start. The list can be found in craft store or pastry supply. The basics are Several pastry bags, icing tips, a coupler to hold the tips in the bag. You will find a cake stand would be a big help, as it swivels so you can frost all sides of the cake, and bring the cake up and closer to you. You should also have several sizes of cake pans, a rubber spatula, a short and a long metal cake icing spatula, a sharp knife, and a baking tray. These are the essentials.

Take a large cooking pot and line the whole thing with plastic wrap or some strong parchment paper. I usually line a deep pot and have lots of extra plastic wrap or parchment paper hanging over the edge. Make sure to use lots of wrap because you don’t want the ice cream to stick to the pot. Push down the wrap to fit the inside of the pot.

1. Know your genre and your audience. When you decide on the type of cake to bake, you check various recipes and become knowledgeable about the ingredients and methods. You might even experiment by sampling different versions of the cake from various bakeries. Likewise, as a writer, you familiarize yourself with fiction categories. Most fiction falls into one category or another--or you may be writing a mixed genre novel. Why is genre so important? It tells you what readers expect from your book. If you are writing a romance, your readers expect your manuscript to conform to certain conventions regarding falling in love, losing love, and regaining love. You understand that readers approach a romance differently than a horror novel or a mystery. Not that you are using a cookie-cutter approach, but you do adhere to genre standards. Genre is so important, you will find it affects the plot, the title, your query letter, which literary agents and publishers you query, the title, and how the book is marketed and distributed. As a writer you must sample widely in your genre--read extensively and become familiar with popular authors in your genre.

Making a cake using the cake decorating techniques we've talked about will help you a great deal and will save you time and money in the long run. Let your inner creativity come out when designing one of these extraordinary cakes. And make your friends and family give you the pat on the back you deserve for making such an awesome cake. Also don't forget to let the artist in you come when making a cake. It's all about how you want the cake to look.